Sunday, July 18, 2010

Innocent beauty

Aneesha nailed this photo shoot with grace

look at the smile, breathtaking!

My last visit to Hartamas, brought me to a relative's house and we decided to do a photo shoot there. (Since the head of the family also is into photography)

I do not remember much of my teenage-hood but I heard it is a challenge. I do not know what to expect having my own teenage girl later in life but I guess looking at this pretty young thing, I remember fun, laughter, experimental and cool friends. Sometimes, kids can be inspiring too!

I let Aneesha tried on my PetitPosh! collection for teenager while her mother was making jam for the pineapple tart. Eventually we were served with pineapple tart with hot tea! I would say, my oh my, I never had anything better than this (in pineapple tart category). And I do not exaggerate it. While am blogging, I could still picture the sensation of popping those tarts in my mouth followed by a cup of tea! And the images run through my head again and again.

Special thanks to Aneesha's mom for her hospitality and most scrumptious, own recipe tart and her blog: is gorgeous too!


  1. Thank you Wana , now I am heading for the jam tarts and have it with a cup of tea.