Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Carolyn Pearce does it again!

I started learning embroidery so that one day I can recreate this Village Bag and hopefully will be able to put all the creativity learnt into good use. Hopefully that we can do gathering one day and work on this project!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bake For Fun @ Jeumpa D'ramo

Took place in Jeumpa D'ramo, Bangsar, we tried to make our kids build and decorate a ginger bread house. Since Qaseh and Jehan were too occupied with their own "emo" moment, Aneesha and Nandini took over the task.

However, the kids finally came around and did decorate the house with candies and sweeties. Even though the activity was bake for fun, the highlight of the event was chilling by the pool. Kids, kids, kids!

p/s: Rumour has it that most of the houses were built by the moms! ooopss...

Monday, December 19, 2011

T-shirt painting by the waterfall

What a brilliant idea by my ex-school mate (so proud of her!) to have an event by the waterfall and recommended T-shirt painting to be part of it. In 30 minutes the participants had come out with their original artwork showcasing their talent, what a great way to do team building.

The weather was just right, after a heavy rain followed by little drizzling, I was walking from the entrance towards the location. Unaware how far it will take, taking small steps and eyes wandering looking for my ex-school mate or a group that that suspiciously looked like a group of UPM team, finally after a 20 minutes of searching I found them. Yes, I had thought of it, but the reception of network that I am on, was pointless in Sg Congkak area. It had shown absolute no connection but I can see the time, at least. To add magical effect on the day of the event, as soon  as I reached the location, rain stopped and the sun started shining.

The group was supportive, fun and sporting. Other activities were games like throwing balloons which filled with water, musical chair for kids, fill in water in bottles and cake decorating.

Many thanks to Wan Suzana and Dr Malina Osman for the great time and opportunity and not to forget the souvenier, a set of coaster, loving it!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Bullion and French knot roses

Many during previous workshop had shown interest in embroidery and bullion. I hope this video will help many of you to start decorating clothes, table runners, and even t-shirts with roses and flowers. owh, thank god it's Friday.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Smocking Workshop @ National Textile Museum 3 & 4 Dec

The objective was to produce smocking cupcake design as below. It turned out it was not as easy, the process was hillarious though. We did have fun, didn't we, ladies?

The Process

For more info of the design and updates of keepsake and beautiful things visit:, design can be requested through email:
Diane Bruce