Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This time, i take a 'nature friendly' approach in my photo shoot. It turns out the green does help making those crochet stuff looks good. The booties were hung just outside my residing apartment, many times those booties did not stay on the branch and rolled down the steep "hill". I had to to butt down to get those booties back and place them on the branch again! Finally we had the shoot that we wanted.

The cardigan was not straight forward shot either. Excited, when I thought we had the right tree, I grabbed the branch to hang this cute little cardigan just to find those branches are protected by many little thorns. D'oh!

All in all those experiences taught me not to take things for granted. The trees made me realize nothing comes easy, but the photo shoot totally worth the trouble. :)


  1. these are great, i just adore those colorful booties! are they for sale? ;)