Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gorgeous gals wearing PetitPosh!

This cute little princess is 7 and loving her smocking top embroided with her name Sarah

The little sister, Nisa as embroided on the dress is 4 and a professional kid-model, according to her.
How cute is that?

Rival & besties, they have each other for everything; argument, good times, ups and downs

My line of clothing is called PetitPosh!. I will do dresses and traditional apparels like kurung and kebaya and soon everything will be put into place. Hopefully it will not be for long, I will have my own space to express my passion for arts & fashion. Am using mostly cottons but look forward to silk and chiffon in the future.

Tell me, how do you like the top and the dress?


  1. Love the dress! A blog's that's long overdue, glad you finally found the time to pursue your passion ;)

  2. good job, keep up the good work :)!

  3. Hi Ladies, thanks for the encouraging wishes. I just realize that it has not been as easy as I hope it to be. It requires strong will power.