Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This time, i take a 'nature friendly' approach in my photo shoot. It turns out the green does help making those crochet stuff looks good. The booties were hung just outside my residing apartment, many times those booties did not stay on the branch and rolled down the steep "hill". I had to to butt down to get those booties back and place them on the branch again! Finally we had the shoot that we wanted.

The cardigan was not straight forward shot either. Excited, when I thought we had the right tree, I grabbed the branch to hang this cute little cardigan just to find those branches are protected by many little thorns. D'oh!

All in all those experiences taught me not to take things for granted. The trees made me realize nothing comes easy, but the photo shoot totally worth the trouble. :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Innocent beauty

Aneesha nailed this photo shoot with grace

look at the smile, breathtaking!

My last visit to Hartamas, brought me to a relative's house and we decided to do a photo shoot there. (Since the head of the family also is into photography)

I do not remember much of my teenage-hood but I heard it is a challenge. I do not know what to expect having my own teenage girl later in life but I guess looking at this pretty young thing, I remember fun, laughter, experimental and cool friends. Sometimes, kids can be inspiring too!

I let Aneesha tried on my PetitPosh! collection for teenager while her mother was making jam for the pineapple tart. Eventually we were served with pineapple tart with hot tea! I would say, my oh my, I never had anything better than this (in pineapple tart category). And I do not exaggerate it. While am blogging, I could still picture the sensation of popping those tarts in my mouth followed by a cup of tea! And the images run through my head again and again.

Special thanks to Aneesha's mom for her hospitality and most scrumptious, own recipe tart and her blog: www.pretty-cakes.blogspot.com is gorgeous too!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Smocking Class from RM35

Oh my God! Can't describe how disappointed I was to find out the water mark converter stamped on the important part of my flyers. My first time using flyers template by Word Document. It looked ok on the screen initially, however when I was about to get it printed , ... horrible!

The picture was very blurry and umh! It does not stop me from posting it here though. Between coughing, sneezing and "sok-sek"ing I guess I just should be happy with the result of my effort today. Come tomorrow, I might find a better solution.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Craft Party, this weekend!

I just got back from my 'kampung' where I grew up and I came to realise that I am not so much different now, I am the same person as I was back then. It feels good once in a while I am in touch with my root again. Am glad that this weekend, I did just that! Go back to my root.

Back in KL, as I was just resting and blogging (blogging is my way of resting), I got this email about the Craft Party organised by a friend of mine. She has been in craft as long as she could remember. One of her friend from her schooling days described her the creative one and always decorate stuff. For RM30, there will be a cupcake + 1 drink provided. That is how far as I could extract the information with my tired eyes and body. It is a party anyway, it ought to be fun.

More info @ www.handmadekl.blogspot.com

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gorgeous gals wearing PetitPosh!

This cute little princess is 7 and loving her smocking top embroided with her name Sarah

The little sister, Nisa as embroided on the dress is 4 and a professional kid-model, according to her.
How cute is that?

Rival & besties, they have each other for everything; argument, good times, ups and downs

My line of clothing is called PetitPosh!. I will do dresses and traditional apparels like kurung and kebaya and soon everything will be put into place. Hopefully it will not be for long, I will have my own space to express my passion for arts & fashion. Am using mostly cottons but look forward to silk and chiffon in the future.

Tell me, how do you like the top and the dress?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Featured in the STAR

Been featured in The Star today:

now that just remind me to go back choosing cotton and sample stage. *sigh*

I am too nervous for all this. *pressure*