Sunday, July 11, 2010

Craft Party, this weekend!

I just got back from my 'kampung' where I grew up and I came to realise that I am not so much different now, I am the same person as I was back then. It feels good once in a while I am in touch with my root again. Am glad that this weekend, I did just that! Go back to my root.

Back in KL, as I was just resting and blogging (blogging is my way of resting), I got this email about the Craft Party organised by a friend of mine. She has been in craft as long as she could remember. One of her friend from her schooling days described her the creative one and always decorate stuff. For RM30, there will be a cupcake + 1 drink provided. That is how far as I could extract the information with my tired eyes and body. It is a party anyway, it ought to be fun.

More info @

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