Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pleat it and smock it!

I learned smocking 4 years ago to distract myself after having a stillborn, in my first pregnancy. I tried hard pretending that it did not affect me, so I did things that I think would take my mind off silly thoughts, and questions like what if I did not do, and I did that .... sigh.

However, it was four years ago. During my denial depressing years, yes many (and I mean many, many, many) pleating needles have I broken. Many cotton have I pleated and not smock it.

This year is different though, my second child is my new inspiration. I find comfort in her laughter, and I find joy in her mischief. Back in my mind I still wonder, wouldn't it be great if she had a big sister?

This year I take my time to smock the pleated cotton turn them into dresses for toddlers and teenagers.Pleated remnants into hair bands. I just got to admit pleating & smocking will be the psychiatric worst competition. (err...just kidding, lol :))


  1. very nicely how you express yourself in words.and of course your smocking.All the best!

  2. thanks royal shopping arcade. Hope you'll come visit this blog again some time!